US Army Corps of Engineers Aircraft Depot and Aviation Logistics San Antonio, Texas

Client United States Army Corps of Engineers
Size 89,000 SF

Located at Kelly Air Force Base, the Aircraft Depot and Aviation Logistics Corrosion Control Facility project consisted of additions and alterations to an existing World War II-era aircraft hangar facility into a depot maintenance facility. The renovated 89,000 square foot facility is utilized to paint and refinish the United States Air Force’s “Lockheed C-5 Galaxy” transport aircraft.

The project was originally contracted at a budget value of $11,400,000, and in Phase I, unforeseen and differing conditions were discovered and mitigated by the project team through creative value engineering and cost-saving design. This resulted in a reduced cost savings and revised contract budget of $8,600,000.

This project consists of almost complete interior demolition of existing foundations, paving, utilities, steel framework, metal panel ceilings, ductwork, mechanical and electrical equipment and design-build construction of new systems including utilities, HVAC, air filtration equipment, utility service piping for aircraft corrosion control, high-intensity lighting, multiple overhead telescoping mast service platforms and air-powered mobile lift platforms for aircraft paint operations, building automation, fire detection, and fire suppression systems. The interior renovation encompassed office, control rooms, tool rooms, technical supply storage, component repair and, ultimately, a more aesthetically pleasing working environment.

Project team members were required to obtain US Air Force security clearance to access this military installation. This project represents a high visibility to the Air Force and is critical to their future mission capabilities. Click here for Client Reference Letter.