LA National Guard Armed Forces Reserve Center & Field Maintenance Shop Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Client State of Louisiana Military Department
Size 160,000 SF

The Armed Forces Reserve Center for the Louisiana National Guard houses reservists from the National Guard, Army, and Marines. The 160,000 square-foot building sits on nearly 50 acres of property on GSRI Avenue south of LSU. About 50 personnel from the National Guard, Army Reserves and Marine Reserves occupy the building full time, while that number will grow to about 750 soldiers or Marines when training events are held. Among the training and educational programs that available at the center is a Weapons Simulation Center operated by the Marines. Also on the site is a Field Maintenance Shop where military vehicles can be repaired.

Prior to the Center’s completion, the Army Reserves, Marine Reserves and National Guard were housed in different buildings near the airport in north Baton Rouge. Construction plans for the Center called for the building to meet one of the higher levels of the U.S. Green Building Code, achieving SPIRIT designation, which means the center is environmentally friendly by using less water, electricity and gas, and requiring less money to heat and cool.