Fishman Haygood – Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Client Commercial Properties Realty Trust
Size 8,450 SF

Located within the Baton Rouge Mixed Use Development building in downtown Baton Rouge, this project consists of an 8,450 SF tenant build out for Fishman Haygood Law Office. Constructed by Lemoine, Baton Rouge Mixed Use Development consists of two towers, a 6-story office tower and 7-story residential tower. Both towers sit atop a 4-story parking garage and are connected by riverfront rooftop terrace.

Fishman Haygood Law Office features rare European White Oak Wood Floors from Madrid, Spain throughout the main reception and conference area. Upon entry, guests are greeted with a custom polished reception area, featuring a desk which includes Italian Marble, sand blasted metal and glass.

Other elements of the office include Polytronix Switchable Glass that convert from clear to privacy hazed glass with a flip of the switch at the conference rooms. There is also Thermofoil Cabinetry throughout the Lounge and Breakroom, and unique SoCo pendant rope lighting in the lounge along with custom bench and tailored cushions.

Lemoine also completed Fishman Haygood – New Orleans.