Crescent City Surgical Centre Metairie, Louisiana

Client Crescent City Surgical Centre
Size 50,000 SF

This 5-Story Design-Build surgical center is located in Metairie, Louisiana. The Centre is comprised of a cast-in-place concrete structure with a parking garage on the first three floors and specialty surgical hospital on floors four and five. The parking garage accommodates 147 parking spaces along with mechanical yard and storage rooms. The 4th floor contains admission and waiting areas, a CT room, an X-Ray room, break rooms, offices, and 20 patient rooms. The 5th floor contains eight Operating Rooms, pre-op holding areas, recovery areas, a doctor’s lounge, and procedure rooms. With a footprint of roughly 25,000 square feet, Crescent City Surgical Centre is built on what once was a 36,000 square foot asphalt parking lot. The exterior façade of the structure is a combination of masonry, stucco, metal panels, and curtain wall. The interior of the building is composed of millwork, acoustical and hard ceilings, sheet vinyl and VCT flooring, ceramic tile, terrazzo, wall protection, and window treatments.