Cardiovascular Institute of the South: Intensive Cardiac Rehab Lafayette, Louisiana

Client Cardiovascular Institute of the South
Size 7,505 SF

Located in Lafayette, LA, this 7,505 SF renovation transformed the existing wellness space into Cardiovascular Institute of the South’s (CIS) Intensive Cardiac Rehab, which offers individualized exercise assessments and one-on-one health coaching.  The facility is designed to improve health, quality of life, and achieve optimal recovery after a cardiac event. Through a holistic approach on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise, the program is tailored to reduce the risk of experiencing another cardiac event.

Encompassed within the space are multiple consulting rooms, exercise and educational spaces, a demonstration kitchen and classroom, snack bar, and offices.

Lemoine has also completed Cardiovascular Institute of the South’s Virtual Care Center and is currently under construction to complete the Ambulatory Surgery Center in Gray, Louisiana.

For more information, visit Cardiovascular Institute of the South’s: Intensive Cardiac Rehab.